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HP Printer Drivers Issues? Try These Easy Steps To Resolve

Windows system is compatible with almost every driver by default. Like other computer hardware devices, driver needs to be installed for a slick performance. Similarly, HP Printer Drivers is not an exception for a smooth printing experience. However, you may face a fatal error during installation HP printer. In case, you are facing the same issue, no need to worry about it, this not something unusual. Driver errors are the most common problem faced by the HP printer users.

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So, here, I would be discussing all the parameters of Driver installation error. However, it is essential to know what this error is all about and also why Windows 10 is encountering problems with HP Drivers.

HP Printer Drivers includes a lot of other functioning software for each feature. The features comprise printer troubleshooting, multiple printing, and other functions.

As a result, the HP Printer Driver Installation becomes a little hard and complicated as compared to other drivers. By and large, you will face a “fatal error” or “fail to install printer driver” error message. The error code may further include, additional information about the error or sometimes unique error code also.

Resolve Annoying HP Printer Drivers Fatal Issue

These are some of the quick fixes you can try. If you are not comfortable playing around with the technical things on your own, you can reach out to an experts help as well.

Let’s dive into the solutions…

Windows Installer Service

If you are facing any installation error, then in the first place you need to check if any file is missing or damaged. To do so, unregister and then register the Windows installer. You can perform the task by directly going the Windows Run box. In the search box type “misexec/unreg” and press enter. Again repeat the same, but this time type “misexec/regserver” and press enter.

This will unregistered and again register the windows installer file. This time you should not reencounter the error. In case you do, then follow the next step.

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Fresh Installation

When you try installing the driver some of the elements may install. So, any further attempt may interrupt with previously installed elements. To prevent that, you need to remove the file from the system registry files. After deleting the data from the registry folder, try a fresh installation. This way, you can avoid HP Printer Drivers Error.

If the problem persists, then you need to perform a deep level troubleshot.

Register ALT.DLL file

Alt.Dll file is associated with the  Microsoft NT Workstation. Registering the ALT.DLL file will help you to install the drivers. To register  DLL files, you need to go to the Run function and search for the Windows file in system drive and register the ALT.DLL file.

You can type in the run box regsvr C/windows/system/alt.dll and press enter to register the necessary file. Now you should not face the same error again. If the problem is not solved yet, follow the next step.

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Enable The Programme File Permission

Temporarily enable the full permission of the programme file. So, you can make or create necessary directories and files. Please note, you must have an administrator right in the system to make that changes.

Go to the windows file explorer and right click on the programme file. Then in the general window select the read-only checkbox. Select apply changes to the folder and subfolders and then press ok. Once done try reinstalling the HP Printer Driver. This will surely resolve the fatal error issues you are facing.

Final Thought

These are the self-help methods you can try. It works most of the case, in case the issue still bothering you, our experts can help you with that. If there is anything you want to add in this guide, you are more than welcome to do so. Simply write it down in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to let us know if there is anything we can help you with. We will be happy to help you, as HP and Epson are the leading Printers that are used by the people. Also if you are facing any problem regarding Brother printers, you can visit our Brother Printer Drivers support for the help.

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